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 Small Art & Sig Posting Rules

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PostSubject: Small Art & Sig Posting Rules   Sat Oct 04, 2008 8:53 am

The rules here are explained below.

Posting such Pornography's are not allowed here in PDF, it will result in a warning or probably a ban. When posting in this section of PDF it is vital to ensure that you don't post all your images in one thread. Make distinctions, don't post too many images in one post to avoid long loading times. Also, No spamming, No Flamming, and No Bumping a thread. When posting some work, please make it sure that you're on the right section or the thread will be moved. In addition, posting work of other artists or artwork you have found on the internet or in magazines etc, is allowed as long as credit is given to the original creator.This also counts for photographs. In case you cannot find or don't know the creator, state this in the thread to avoid confusion! Giving credit to artists is vital and you yourself being one should know this. Criticizing some work that you don't like are tolerated, this will help them out on improving their skills. Please give Respect to all your mate/members especially the Staff here or you will be given infractions if you don't respect on your members and staff. Do not double post, instead use edit button. And as usual, don't use other languages if possible use English always.



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Small Art & Sig Posting Rules
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