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 Music Lovers' Rules

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Music Lovers' Rules Empty
PostSubject: Music Lovers' Rules   Music Lovers' Rules Icon_minitimeSat Oct 04, 2008 11:50 am

Please Follow This Rules and Regulations,
If you're not going to do, so we will intend to do something

1. Make all forums clean and no flamings.
2. Do not spam.
3. Do not post an unimportant one.
4. Post in the right section.
5. No trash talking.
6. Do not share applications/things/programs that can harm other personal computer. (eg. virus,spyware)
7. Don't be rude to other members, RESPECT is the number one rule!
8. Do not share your accounts. If your hacked or something happened badly in your account, do not blame us, it is because of being irresponsible.
9. Advertising is not allowed. There is a section that allows you to do advertise. Any accounts that has advertised name in their profile will be deleted. (eg. names, signatures, location)
10. Spreading of false humors about the forum and the community.
11. Post in english as main langauge in this forum.

All Things That are stated here must be on mind.

Moderators will be the one to warn and ban you. But if anything a moderator do to you that is wrong, you may report it to a member that has higher rank than a moderator.

Stated above is the global rule, now the additional rule for this section are as follows:

  • Have fun but do not spam. Posting something like "lol" or just simply an emoticon is considered as a spam. Post a sentence or a phrase instead.
  • Do not insult other members or curse them.
  • It's ok to be frank as long as you say it in a good manner or in a not offensive way...

Well that's for now I'll be adding more to this rules soon...

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Music Lovers' Rules
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