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 SilverMoon DataBase

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PostSubject: SilverMoon DataBase   Sun Sep 28, 2008 4:07 pm

The project silvermoon database comes with GM Island preloaded with all kinds of vendors.

Execute both of these queries on your MaNGOS database.
Here you GO:

The items are already in the vendors, I gave you the sql query, just execute it on the database then go into gmisland (.tele gmisland) and type:

.npc add 50001
.npc add 50002
.npc add 50003
.npc add 50004
.npc add 50005
.npc add 50006
.npc add 50007
.npc add 50008
.npc add 50009
.npc add 50010
.npc add 50011
.npc add 50012
.npc add 50013
.npc add 50014
.npc add 50015
.npc add 50016
.npc add 50017
.npc add 50018
.npc add 50019
.npc add 50020
.npc add 50021
.npc add 50022
.npc add 50023
.npc add 50024
.npc add 50025
.npc add 50026
.npc add 50027
.npc add 50028
.npc add 50029
.npc add 50030
.npc add 50031
.npc add 50032
.npc add 50033
.npc add 50034
.npc add 50035
.npc add 50036
.npc add 50037

one of those will add a different gm item vendor to the spot your
standing, note, that you should only do this after you are standing on
gm island or players will be able to access it.

Also, this will only work if you use the querys on your database , I have the queries posted above.


-How to tele on GM Island?
-Type .tele gmisland

-What is SilverMoon DataBase?
-Comes with GM Island Pre-Loaded with All Kinds of Vendors

-Where should I summon "these npcs"?
-In GM Island so that only GMs can access and no Players Can, Depends on you.


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SilverMoon DataBase
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