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 [FlyFF] NEW! Fly For Cookies Fun Server! | Expx300 Dropx500 Penyax1000

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PostSubject: [FlyFF] NEW! Fly For Cookies Fun Server! | Expx300 Dropx500 Penyax1000   Sun Jun 06, 2010 4:37 pm

[SIZE="6"]Fly For Cookies![/SIZE]

Fly For Cookies is new private server. We have many new features like new Cloak's, CS Sets and others. All modifications we have you can see here: . Our rates are:

  • Experience: x300
  • Drop: x500
  • Green Items Drop: x500
  • Penya Drop: x1000

We are standing on dedicated server, 24/7. We have 2 channels, second one is PK.

We are running version 15 of FlyFF. Everything is working, like:

  • Housing system from v14
  • Guild House system from v15
  • Buff Pet System
  • Valley of the Risen
  • Leveling after HERO to 129 level
  • Voting system (you can earn every type of scroll from the Vote Box)
  • Secret Room
  • Rainbow Race
  • Guild Wars and Sieges

As I said, we have some our additions, like cloaks, cs sets, wings but we have our Vote System too. Vote for our server 2 times ( 1 time per 12h ) and exchange Vote Box Pieces to 1 Day CS Pet and 1 Amp to EXP! Now, you don't must to buy a perm CS Pet, you can earn "semi-perm" one!

To join to our server, visit , register in-game account, download our patcher and join to our community!

Now something about Game Masters. They (including me) have big knowledge about FlyFF, they are always ready to help you with problems with game. Feel free to ask in-game: Catmanx3 (Head Deve), Maru (Head Deve, Designer), Piotr (Game Master) and Method (Game Master). On forum you can ask about everything. You always get fast reply.

On our server are:

  • Shining Oricalkum Fast Exchange System - change your sunstones and moonstones to 10 Shining Oricalkums instantly!

  • Vote System - Vote for us 2 times and get free items!

  • Rare Seller - Buy rare Sets (60~105) and Weapons (60~105)

  • Bead Seller - Buy beads for your Buff Pet (beads are removed from drop)

  • Event Manager - All events in one NPC! No more searching Event NPC's!

  • One-Click Job Change System - Change your job talking two times to NPC!

  • Card Seller - Buy element and D/C cards in Card Manager (element and D/C cards are removed from drop)

  • Blinkwings - All blinkwings in shop!

  • Cash Shop Seller - Buy items like Pet Energy or Item Transy in CS Seller!

  • Ranger optimisation - Ranger have now 3% Crit per 10 Dex (normally he have 1% Crit per Dex)

  • Sneaker - skill effect from v6 ( -20%Speed -20%Attack Speed)

  • Rage - Decreasing Accuracy and Defence deleted

  • Prevention - Cooldown decreased to 1 second

  • Jester optimisation - Jester skills are now longer

  • All versus all Guild Siege - script repaired


Server Rates

  • Exp Rate: x300
  • Drop Rate: x500
  • Penya Drop Rate: x1000

Server Specifications

  • RAM: 4GB
  • Processor Speed: Dual Core 3GHZ
  • Connection: 100Mb/s

Some screens

Valley of the Risen

One-Click job change

Bead Seller

Shining Oricalkum Fast Exchange

Vote System

Rare Seller

New Arena

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[FlyFF] NEW! Fly For Cookies Fun Server! | Expx300 Dropx500 Penyax1000
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