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PostSubject: [RAGNAROK] DeviousRO   [RAGNAROK] DeviousRO Icon_minitimeFri Jan 02, 2009 10:36 am

Come Play DeviousRO - FREE MMORPG / Ragnarok Online Private Server
[RAGNAROK] DeviousRO Refbanner

Some of you may have heard of it before, some may did not. Ragnarok Online is a very addicting MMORPG with cute, detailed graphics, many places to level up and hunt equipment and cards. We have fun PvP events, guild events such as the War of Emperium.

[RAGNAROK] DeviousRO Screenie1

In Ragnarok Online you can choose from many character classes, most of them start at basic classes and are promoted as they level up. For instance, a Swordsman becomes a Knight, and then reaches the maximum level and then rebuilds to reach a Lord Knight.

[RAGNAROK] DeviousRO Screenie2

Classes + Higher Classes
Swordsman > Knight/Crusader > Lord Knight/Paladin
Mage > Wizard/Sage > High Wizard/Professor
Archer > Hunter/Bard/Dancer > Sniper/Clown/Gypsy
Acolyte > Priest/Monk > High Priest/Champion
Merchant > Blacksmith/Alchemist > Whitesmith/Creator
Thief > Assassin/Rogue > Assassin Cross/Stalker
TaeKwon > TaeKwon Master/Soul Linker

[RAGNAROK] DeviousRO Screenie3

Launched December 6th, 2008
This game server is not too old yet, you can still join and level up and not feel like everyone is a higher level than you.

[RAGNAROK] DeviousRO Screenie4

Friendly Community
Ragnarok Online is a cool place to meet people and socialize in game. This is part of what makes the game interesting. The rest is the competition, the hunting, etc. Smile

[RAGNAROK] DeviousRO Screenie5

New Players Bonus
Join us today for FREE and you will recieve 20 items that grant you double experience for 30 minutes each.

Server Information (to those who have played RO before)
Base Exp Rate: 8x
Job Exp Rate: 8x
Item Drop Rate: 5x
Warper and Jobchanger.

Click the banner below to visit our website.
We hope you check it out!
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