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 [Help]How to change mobs drop

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PostSubject: [Help]How to change mobs drop   Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:23 pm

Can any one help me please how can i change mobs drop...please help me please...
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PostSubject: Re: [Help]How to change mobs drop   Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:24 pm

edit the genitem

here's a guide by jolin
Quote :
first of all you got to know that there are 2 kinds of genitems

lv xx.genitem
q_lv xx.genitem

lv xx.genitem is basicly the items

q_lv xx.genitem is the fate boxes droped by mobs

lets start with the fate boxes (its shorter)

go data/GlogicServer and extract from your GlogicServer the genitem files

in the q_lv xx.genitem you find lines like this :

QTITEM 9,1 0.8

the first number is the item ID (find it at itemstrtable or inside your item editor)
the other number is the chance of dropping these (in %)

note : this value is not affected by your servers drop rate

thats already all I have to say about q_lv xx.genitem

now the real thing : the normal genitems :

there are 3 kinds of lines :

GENRATE : chance of dropping ANY item at all (affected by your servers drop rate)


how many items will the mob drop? the first number is how many they are and the 2nd is how much % chance you got that it happens

example :


when the mob is supposed to drop an item it got 50% chance that he drops 4
30% to drop 6 and 20% to drop 8

Note : this value isn't affected by your servers drop rate


1st value : the gen num of your item(s) (you can change the gen num of items with your item editor)

2nd value : the chance of droping THAT item (its affected by your games lower drop rate)

Note : each genitem file can only make a mob drop up to 9 different gennums, means only 9 groups of item per genitem file otherwise it makes a server error and the mobs with that genitem file will drop NOTHING at all

some basic gen nums :

191 : Refines
196 : Resistance refines
95 : EP3 weapons Element +
94 : EP3 weapons Element
45 : EP3 weapons non element
184 : books lv 147
183 : books lv 127
466 : lv 193 set (+) or chg
465 : lv 190 set (+) or chg
464 : lv 185 set (+) or chg

Note : items with gen num 0 will not be droped by any mob

don't forget putting the genitems back into the Glogicserver to get them into the game

thats all for genitem

thx for him
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[Help]How to change mobs drop
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